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oAuth Twitter for PHP and WordPress developers: Version 2!

Yesterday, I released version 2.0 of our oAuth Twitter PHP class and WordPress plugin.

It’s a simple way of handling all of the oAuth requirements in Twitter’s API v1.1 that become mandatory on 5th March 2013. For more information about the plugin itself, you can read my original post on the first release.

Version 2.0 is vastly improved and allows you to:

  • Use multiple Twitter accounts rather than just the one defined in the configuration
  • Define a custom cache expiry (and allows you to disable it for debug purposes)
  • Pass any custom parameters you want to Twitter’s API, and override the defaults easily

This update is fully backwards compatible with version 1.0. You can either upgrade the plugin using the WordPress admin panel, or just drop the updated class file in — but it will delete your cache the first time it runs, as the format has changed significantly to support the new features.

We suspect many people aren’t yet prepared for Twitter’s great API 1.0 switch off on 5th March 2013, so it’s worth checking any sites you manage or maintain to make sure they are using authenticated calls to Twitter.