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Ruby On Rails.

We have over a decade of experience building robust and scalable Ruby on Rails applications.

A decade of expertise.

We’re lucky to have worked with lots of amazing companies. We’ve built Ruby on Rails systems for…

  • Multinational organisations
  • National government
  • Universities
  • Start-ups and scale-ups
  • Innovative SMEs

Why choose Ruby on Rails for your next big idea?

Ruby on Rails is a popular framework for start-ups and scale-ups. It’s known for its “convention over configuration” approach, which allows developers to quickly build web applications with minimal setup. The framework is also highly productive as Rails comes with a lot of tools in the box, meaning developers don’t have to spend time writing basic features from scratch; you can write less code and achieve great results quickly.

With this in mind, Rails is brilliant for rapid prototyping and iteration so you can quickly validate your idea and get it to market. As a mature platform, Ruby has an extensive community of developers that have created free, open-source plugins that mean you can avoid reinventing the wheel and instead, put time and resources into the unique areas of your application.

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Why waste time and money rebuilding parts that have been built before? Rails is a great foundation and open-source gems provide many basic features so you can focus on building the things that make your app unique.

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Rails is a mature platform developed by a committed community of Ruby experts. With this backing, it offers stability and reliability that has been tested and proven in real-world scenarios.

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Ruby on Rails is used by some of the internet’s biggest websites. It is a popular framework for organisations that want to grow rapidly and will allow your application to scale to meet your company’s ambitions.

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You can have the confidence that your application is secure because Ruby is “secure by default” and has built in defences against common vulnerabilities.

Some of your favourite companies also love Ruby.

Used by many major websites, Ruby on Rails can effectively scale as your business grows.




Extraordinary experiences with passionate local people

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Experienced creators.
Dedicated maintainers.

We regularly work with a wide range of data stores, integrations and APIs when building and maintaining Rails applications. Whatever your idea we can bring it to life. We’ve also got a lot of experience hosting, scaling and managing applications on most of the major cloud platforms, as well as ongoing monitoring for performance, bugs and usability issues to ensure that your application continues to delight your users.

We tailor technology to the project’s requirements, but if your interested, our ‘go to’ tech stack would typically contain:

Stimulus + Turbo

Start fresh or onboard your existing Rails app.

We’ve successfully onboarded some incredible companies. If you’re looking for an agency to take over your Ruby on Rails app then let us give you an insight on how we would work together.

After an introductory meeting with you to understand your business and your application, we will undertake an initial code review, including exploration of 3rd party integrations, test suite and the hosting setup. Depending on the size of the app, we will spend a number of days familiarising ourselves with the code base, reading your documentation and talking with any of your existing technical team. We’ll then send you a report summarising our understanding of the app and identifying areas of risk, along with prioritised recommendations for improvement.

The onboarding process will help us get to know you and help us be the best tech partner for your business and work with you to achieve amazing things.

Here are some of our greatest Ruby on Rails hits:

We’d love to hear from you.

Looking to get in touch with someone here at Storm? We are always happy to hear from you no matter how big or small your question.

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