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Say hello to our little friend...

Liam Gladdy, WordPress Consultant


Who is Liam?

Liam heads our WordPress team. He is actually a member of, and contributes to, WordPress Core – the team which develops the platform.
He and his team undertake the build of any of our WordPress websites.

He fosters a healthy love of technology and video games as all geeks do, but uniquely he occupies the oft perilous world of being both an Apple and Microsoft fanboy – he’ll happily fulfil his role as an Xbox Community Ambassador from the comforts of his MacBook Pro. Not to mention his gamerscore, which is larger than the rest of ours put together.

Liam claims to be unbeatable at the Lady Gaga level on Dance Central, and not one of us has yet been man enough to challenge him on this statement. One day Liam, one day.

"The breadth of projects and tasks here at Storm is what keeps me excited. There’s always something new and an interesting problem to solve, and that’s why I’ve been here so many years!"