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Things Storm bookmarked this week / 28-09-11

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Mike Ellis
September 28, 2011

From the week in which everyone’s favourite (?) bookmarking service, Delicious, relaunched – here are Storm’s favourite links…

Adam went with the viral flow (sounds painful) by picking the now-famous video of Alessio Rastani telling us “The Collapse Is Coming”:

This – as with any viral – was followed with claims of hoax, counter claims of not a hoax, some very angry people, and even a suggestion that Rastani might be a member of infamous activist group Yes Men. Who knows, but it made for fascinating / terrifying / interesting watching either which way.

Meanwhile, as our financial system crumbles around our ears, Liam’s bookmarks included the news that Apple is ready to talk iPhone on October 4th. Possibly as exciting but slightly less fan-boyish, Amazon announced is announcing (right now as I write this, actually), a range of new Kindles, including a $79 version and a $199 Android touchscreen version. Crazy prices, and it’ll be fascinating to watch how this mixes up (or doesn’t) the mobile / tablet ecosystem.

Liam also pointed me to this long but interesting post about the crazy, complicated and backwards US patent system. The main point it makes is that the way we use the patent system is wrong – definitely worth spending the time to have a read.

My personal favourite link was the niche-but-useful service that is Ajaxload. It does what it says on the tin – an ajax loading icon generator. Handy.

Paul sent me a link to – “a godsend especially if you are a Ruby / Rails Dev”..

Felix’s favourite bookmark was for the HTML email boilerplate. He said this: “If ever a boilerplate was needed, it was for HTML email. I not only bookmarked this, I downloaded it and burnt it onto multiple CD-Rs stashed generously around Bath to ensure my wellbeing will never be torn to shreds by Outlook 97 again.”. Better look at that, then.

Dave’s favourite of the week is Browserstack – one of the best tools we’ve seen for cross-browser testing to date. It boasts such gems as debugging tools and a huge list of browsers – more about the features here. Browserstack is currently in private Beta, but well worth getting your name in the queue. When it launches, it won’t be cheap – it’ll be $19 a month for one user, however you can also buy pre-paid plans. $19 gets you 10 hours of testing time. Definitely one to watch.

Finally – we’ve been having a great deal of discussion at Storm about the merits of displaying work we’ve done on the Storm homepage and to what degree we show it. Just at the right time this blogpost came along via Andrew, hugely helpful in showing us the many unique ways of displaying one’s work effectively online.