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Meet our Advisory Board

Lots of new and exciting things are happening at Storm in the coming years. We’re really optimistic about the future of the company and the direction we’re heading in. Like all businesses, we know there’s value in input from others who have had experiences that can help us navigate this time.

With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to our Advisory Board.

Meet Sammy Burt

While Sammy’s work now centres around people and systems (often referred to as organisational and people development) her experience includes brand and marketing as well as brief periods in finance and hospitality. Having worked in consultancy for most of her career Sammy has worked in tech, fintech, engineering, manufacturing, education, entertainment, care and the third sector. This breadth of work has allowed her to understand organisational systems from multiple perspectives as well as holistically, making connections quickly in order to envisage the wider impact of a single activity or decision.

For six years, Sammy has sat on the board of the UK’s Modern Slavery and Exploitation Charity, Unseen. bringing to it her expertise in brand and people, deepening her understanding of complex financial forecasting and reporting as well as safeguarding and governance. And supported multiple organisations with their start up and growth strategies.

Sammy hopes to bring to Storm both her expertise and experience, her connections and her challenging questions.

Meet Nic Alpi

Nicolas Alpi, former agency founder, esteemed board advisor, and current Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Amba Health and Tech, is an accomplished entrepreneur with extensive experience in the technology sector.

Over the course of 11 years, Nic co-founded and successfully led a software development agency, managing both the technical and sales dimensions. His unique ability to merge strong technical acumen with strategic sales expertise allowed him to develop outstanding products for both national and international startups and scale-ups.

Following the successful acquisition of his agency, Nicolas assumed the role of CTO at Amba Health and Tech. This innovative SAAS company specializes in remote monitoring solutions designed to support independent, yet vulnerable, elderly individuals.

In addition to his executive role, Nicolas serves as a trusted advisor and fractional CTO for small to medium-sized agencies and product teams, leveraging his vast industry knowledge to guide technological and business strategies.

We’re really excited to welcome Nic and Sammy to the Storm team via the board.