Mike Ellis

Mike is Storm’s senior strategist – having previously been online production manager at Waterstones and head of web at the National Museum of Science & Industry he has a veritable treasure trove of experience in how to progress and prosper on the web today.

Experienced as Mike may be, all this pales in comparison to the fact that Mike’s old band once supported Snow Patrol. Or that he is distantly related to Barnes Wallis, the inventor of the Dambuster’s bouncing bomb. And thats just scratching the surface!

Mike’s a dedicated family man, and also has a passion for bringing people together to talk about things that interest them. Over the past three years he has founded no less than three local tech networks, and in 2011 co-founded The Big M – an independent conference which saw hundreds travelling to Bath to hear people talk about mobile.

Mike Ellis's latest blog post:

Creating flexible content with Advanced Custom Fields

We continue to be hugely impressed with the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin which we first wrote about last year. The latest paid-for field type which has been rolled out is one called the Flexible Content Field. On the surface it looks a little bit baffling, but on closer examination we think it could be Read More »