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Things Storm bookmarked this week / 26-10-11

This week…

Dave pointed me to the fact that Google have given their App Store a bit of a facelift. As he points out – “to say that it had a ‘hint of iTunes app store’ is possibly an understatement” – but he’s also right, it’s pretty well put together and always worth spending a bit of time poking around..

From Adam – a neat little Gem which implements scheduled background tasks in Ruby. “It provides a simple way to specify any number of jobs on easily customisable schedules. It can call into other Ruby functions in your code, perform rake tasks or execute arbitrary command line commands.”

Liam “Apple” Gladdy gave me this: a sexy little iOS-app-screen-like web GUI in coffeescript – Now I find I need to go and look up what “coffeescript” is…

And from me – this utterly awesome video/sound piece: “Entire Musical Compositions Made from Just One Line of Code“. Totally tremendous on sooo many levels :-)