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Things Storm bookmarked this week 23/11/11

This week…

Dave: “I happen to have been involved in bunch of group discussions this week, which due to geographical constraints have taken place online. As such, I have been introduced to It is similar to google groups, only much easier to administer and less based around email. I must say first impressions are fantastic. With features such as Discussions, To-Do’s, File-storage and more, it’s a fantastically clean way to create discussions online. It’s core benefit is that your user isn’t tied to a group – so you can be in discussions with multiple groups of people.”

From me: My good friend and well-worth-following-on-Twitter-person @zambonini just posted a link to this which I’m going to steal as my bookmark of the week: – yes, a Face Detection jQuery Plugin. What a ridiculously cool thing.

From Paul: “We’ve previously used the Formtastic gem for building forms in Rails, but the HTML is generates can be a bit… interesting, and awkward to change. So we’ve now switched to using the simple_form gem, which has the same DSL, but generates nicer HTML and is easier to customise.

Adam pointed this out to me – we haven’t read it yet, but he’s right – it does look like a very interesting piece on best practice when developing cloud-based applications.