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Things Storm bookmarked this week 04/01/12


Happy New Year! My bookmark to start 2012 is batman.js – It’s a nice little CoffeeScript or Javascript framework for building web apps. You can find more info at – or have a look at some pretty examples


A couple of libraries that devs might like.

Chosen is a jQuery plugin to make super sexy drop-down lists with auto-complete. It should be very useful for making long drop-downs far more user friendly.

Thinking Sphinx is a Ruby library to bring Sphinx full text search into ActiveRecord and looks really easy to get started with. Full text search is needed when you want decent search results on strings and Sphinx is one of the leading open-source solutions, so this plugin should come in very handy!


This week a link that i have actually bookmarked-  Just released, it is a user-friendly introduction to programming for those of us not gifted in the art of development. it uses pretty badges and you can track your progress and compare it with friends. Having only just been released, its library of classes is quite small, but hopefully as time passes and the site’s profile grows, so will the tutorials.


At the Storm Christmas do I was surprised that my colleagues had never heard of The Mother of All Demos. Back in 1968 Doug Englebert demoed a system his team at SRI had been working on since 1963 and featured the first computer mouse, hypertext, collaborative editing, video conferencing and many other ideas that would take decades to become commonplace. It’s a great reminder of how so many of the things we think of as new have been kicking around for years, it just takes time for technology to catch up. The entire demo is available on Stanford’s website as bite-sized pieces, or as one 100 minute video


My bookmark this week is very much based on the fact we’re probably all looking for something that isn’t work to remind us of the holidays just gone. Little Alchemy is a beautifully simple game where you combine two elements to create a new one. Then you do it again and again. Then you realise you’ve only got about 18 out of a possible 220, and go slowly bonkers trying to work out the others. Exactly what is required when there aren’t enough mince pies around”


A really slick work-orientated recommendation engine that uses your twitter network to find opportunities that are well suited to you. WorkFu  is brought to you by, amongst others, one of our Bath friends Mike Kus.


Real life Wipeout!