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Things Storm bookmarked this week / 02-11-11

This week…

Dave tells ms that iMessage is coming to OS X: “iMessage is Apple’s new messaging solution for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone found in iOS 5. It allows customers to send SMS-like messages over standard data connections rather than expensive text messaging plans.” Also: “AirPlay mirroring is going to mean that meetings around the Storm flatscreen are going to be wireless :-) Can’t wait.

Liam chucked me a super-nerdy bookmark – the guide to Rails 3.1’s asset pipeline. I have no idea what this is so I’ll let him explain: “It’s a pretty scary concept to someone who learnt rails with static content in the public directory, but things like less will change your CSS developing life“.

From Paul – a live coding video from Ryan Biggs building some of an implementation of Conway’s Game of Life in Ruby using a Test Driven Development approach with RSpec: “It’s a good (if slightly long) intro to how to use RSpec, and the basics of TDD.

Adam pointed me to this rather useful “avoiding common mistakes using the new HTML5 elements and attributes” article. Handy.

For me, an oldish but very useful set of printable wireframing templates for hand-sketching new sites and mobile apps.