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How we welcomed a new team member during lockdown

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a bit of an odd year and it’s affected how we do a few things at Storm. Company culture is a big part of who we are so how do we welcome a new team member when none of us can meet them in person?

Usually we take a new colleague out for lunch and they can get to know us in an informal setting. Last week we introduced you to our new developer, David. So how creative did we get in welcoming our latest Stormtrooper?


We had Birtelli’s pizza delivered to everyone’s home. The delivery included a kit to make your chosen pizza and a beer. There was the option of rolling our own dough but only Liam opted for the challenge. A package was also sent out to everyone that included items they would need to participate in a games evening.

A pizza with pepperoni, olives and red peppers

We split into three teams and played classic games such as Pictionary, who am I? And sculpting the modelling clay to replicate an object or in some cases, an emotion. Questions were raised on the teams drawing skills and how their brain processed what they were told to draw, but who are we to judge?

A questionable drawing of Adam.
Dylan’s interpretation of Adam.

Despite lockdown restrictions, we had a really fun evening. David has fortunately decided to stay with us despite our quirks so we’d say our lockdown welcome was a success!

A Screen Shot of the Storm team on Zoom during our games evening