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Welcome to the team, David!

We are delighted to welcome our latest addition to the team, David! Yes, we are now up to two Davids at Storm so you might be asked which David you specifically need to speak to. I’m sure it’s going to create a lot of fun when we’re back in the office as well…

David has spent the last five years working at a tech company in Bristol building backends of websites and mobile applications. Prior to this, David ran his own consultancy business for 12 years, bringing his expertise to other companies. He is joining our Ruby team and has already got stuck into one of our big client projects.

Of course we needed to dig deeper on a personal level so we asked David to answer some of our favourite questions:

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of work?

In my free time I enjoy walking our golden retriever in the Wiltshire countryside. At weekends I try to tame our garden, although it grows faster than I can keep up with. Otherwise, it is hard to prise me away from a computer.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

My family have been fortunate to live in beautiful parts of the world, including the lovely Cotswold countryside where we are now. I would enjoy revisiting the mountains and beaches of Donegal, where we used to spend all our free time walking our first dog when we lived in Ireland. I’d also like to witness some of nature’s extremes, such as California’s giant redwoods or one of Italy’s active volcanoes. (I’ve also heard Italy has great gelato).

What is the most exciting or unusual thing you’ve ever done?

The most exciting thing continues to be, raising my son, now 16, with my lovely wife. As for unusual and exciting… Perhaps trying to windsurf over breaking waves in the North Sea, or sailing around the spectacular Mull of Kintyre and Isle of Arran, in the middle of what seemed to me at the time to be like a massive storm.

What are you most looking forward to working at Storm?

New ideas and new perspectives. I always like meeting new people and learning what they can teach me.

Welcome David, we’re pleased to have you!

As we are in lockdown we’re unable to photograph David for his Storm headshots. He has graced us with this lovely photo of himself and his Golden Retriever, Amos.

David and his golden retriever on a white sand background