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Festive fun with Designability

We’re pleased to announce that our fun Christmas project for Bath-based charity, Designability, is now LIVE!

Designability Christmas Campaign

As part of their Christmas fundraising appeal, we offered to build Designability an interactive microsite which gives visitors the chance to vote for their favourite festive choices.

Including greatest Christmas movie, favourite Celebrations chocolate, best festive outfit item and the best part of a Christmas dinner, the website collects data from across the UK to find out which choices came top in each region.

The site includes a map of the UK with ever changing stats for the latest votes, plenty of subtle animations, and most importantly, a payment gate providing the option to donate this fantastic charity.

Who are Designability?

Designability transforms the lives of disabled people (from babies to the elderly) and those living with a long-term health condition. They carry out original research and create products to aid those who are facing challenges every day. 

From something as simple as a weighted ruler or a school chair footrest, to day clocks and the famous Wizzybug wheelchair, Designability have helped over 300,000 people to date.

Cast your Christmas Votes

We’d love for you to take part in their fun Christmas campaign.

Simply cast your vote, share the website with your friends and, if you can, please consider contributing even a small amount to this incredible charity!

Visit the Christmas Designability website now to vote for your favourite. Or for information about the charity visit their Official Site.

And the current favourites are…

At the time of writing this blog, the current winners for our region are as follows:

Best Christmas movie: Love Actually at 43%

Best Christmas outfit item: Christmas Jumper at 57%

Best part of a Christmas dinner: Pigs in Blankets at 39%

Best Celebrations chocolate: Malteser Teaser at 52%

I mean they were the obvious choices right?! (At least that’s what I voted for anyway….)