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Building a flightpath for Lia’s Wings

It’s been a very exciting week for our Charity of The Year 2022. Lucy Air Ambulance for Children has undergone a rebrand to celebrate the life of a special girl. At yesterday’s launch event at Bristol Airport, Emilia (Lia) Schoennagel’s parents spoke of their beloved daughter and her infectious ambition to want to help people and make the world a better place. Heartbreakingly, Lia lost her life in 2022 and to commemorate her, Lucy Air Ambulance has rebranded to Lia’s Wings.

Lucy Air Ambulance was our Charity of The Year in 2022. They came to us with a really unique idea for an interactive flight path. 

The vision for this was an interactive map whereby supporters and potential supporters of Lucy AAC could see the amazing work they carry out.

So we did just that. We built an interactive map that displays the journeys the charity’s patients have made. 

Visitors to the map can select a region and then a flight path and then the story behind it. The map provides access to more in-depth case studies about the important work Lucy AAC does.

As the Lia’s Wings rebrand rolls out over the upcoming months, we hope our flight map will provide them with a resource to draw in new funding. Attendees at yesterday’s event enjoyed using it and learning more about patients’ journeys.