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Creating a buzz for Bath Beekeepers

A few years ago we worked with Registered Charity, Bath Beekeepers to help them build a new and engaging website. Recently, we revisited their site to help them create some new features as well as giving it a bit of a spruce up.

Supporting the art of beekeeping

Bath Beekeepers aim is to promote the craft of beekeeping and encourage new beekeepers to take up this noble vocation. As well as supporting existing beekeepers in their pursuit of healthy, happy and productive bees!

They provide members and prospective members friendly advice, guidance and support in the craft of beekeeping and other interests that are borne out of keeping bees.

Creating an efficient online experience

To help Bath Beekeepers make their membership purchases more efficient and accessible we created a new online membership section of their website. The website now has a clear and simple application form allowing you to choose your membership level and also pay online in a secure manner.

We also built them an online booking system for their popular ‘Introduction to Beekeeping’ course. Events can now be listed, places booked and paid for within their own website.

Great results already for Bath Beekeepers

The success of these new online facilities has already been noted. The charity had already hit their 50% membership renewal goal by the beginning of February, with people even purchasing their memberships on Christmas Day! Plus they’ve already sold out of their available training courses. 

We’re so pleased for them and hope their success continues! It was a pleasure to be able to work with the team again and look forward to seeing them progress.