Case Study.

CiteAb: Saving global research an estimated $1bn a year.

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CiteAb is a data provider for researchers and life-science companies, and the world’s largest antibody search engine. Storm are investors, business partners and most importantly an embedded technology partner helping CiteAb grow.

The Technology.

  • UX Design
  • Web Design
  • Development
  • Development

The Challenge.

CiteAb’s aim was to provide the life science industry with a cost and time efficient method of acquiring vital antibody information for research. Thus, enabling life science companies to make better business decisions using correct and quality research data. Results should be ranked based on the number of citations, (not money or paid rankings), providing the industry with a completely transparent method of searching for antibodies.

The Plan.

We set about crafting a simple, easy to use search engine that made it easy to quickly research antibodies and to give users the power to access these antibodies in a way that had never previously existed in such a streamlined capacity. Every page of the site has been optimized for all screen sizes so it looks and works seamlessly on any device.

“We initially came to Storm to build the first version of our website. They not only built it for us, but helped us turn it into a business and research tool that is helping scientists from across the globe!”

Andrew Chalmers, CiteAb

The Result.

  • Sales have increased by 80% year on year
  • Over 50,000 users per month
  • Used by over 196 countries
  • Benefitting 1,400 international universities

The success of CiteAb means they are currently saving the life science industry an estimated $1 billion a year! We know that a good chunk of the time and money that is being saved, especially by academic researchers, goes back into research relating to topics such as cancer and other life-changing illnesses.

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