We’ve worked together with CiteAb to successfully build the world’s number one Antibody Search Engine and are now investors, business partners and most importantly an embedded technology partner helping CiteAb grow.

  • 2.1 million

    Antibodies listed

  • 1st

    In rankings for antibody search engines

  • 100+

    Worldclass suppliers offering their antibodies

  • '000's

    of weekly unique visitors

The world’s top antibody search engine, in 2 short years.

From it’s inception, we knew Citeab was something special. We worked exceptionally hard to create a site that catered perfectly to its userbase - having consulted extensively with the academics and scientists who would use the search engine we refined the Citeab experience down to one main goal, give the user exactly the data they require, as quickly and concisely as possible.

Clean, responsive and fast user interface

With the message clear from the academics and scientists keen to use Citeab, we set about crafting a simple, easy to use seach engine that made it easy to quickly research antibodies, and to give users the power to access these antibodies in a way that had never previously existed in such a streamlined capacity.

A sleek, responsive search engine for a growing market

Every page of the site has been optimized for all screen sizes so it looks and works seamlessly on any device. All forms and information are simplified for a simple and easy experience whether you are on your computer or on the go.

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