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Saving global research an estimated $1bn a year


CiteAb provide a citation ranked reagent search engine and high-quality life science data services for pharma & biotech companies, reagent suppliers, and investors.

Having worked with CiteAb for the past 10 years, it was time to give the existing search engine a bit of a design refresh. CiteAb came to us to restructure the existing site, splitting the search engine, and data science services into clearly defined areas as well as upgrading the look and feel of the site to match more modern styles.


  • Strategy Analysis 
  • Project Management
  • UX + Interface Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Adaptation
  • Wireframes
  • Style Guides + Website Design
  • Accessibility
  • Front-end Development

Storm have been instrumental in every stage of our growth, from building our initial prototype to helping us grow and become a successful company and we have had a close partnership at every stage. Their support and expertise has enabled us to help even more researchers and suppliers over the past decade”. 

Andy Chalmers, CiteAb

Improved Genetics

CiteAb are well established and respected globally. Designing a new look meant creating a style that would rise to match CiteAb’s global status and elevate them further. CiteAb’s content is often rich in data, so we worked on improved accessibility and introduced content cards with a deeper colour saturation, clear typography and icons to give clarity to the topics, as well as providing a consistent style between both the search engine and the data service pages. For a complex business with lots to talk about, clarity and cleanliness was key.

Splitting the nav

One of the key areas from our brief was how to split out and highlight the two pillars of CiteAb – the search engine, and the data services. We created two different navigation elements, allowing each service to stand proudly on its own, while keeping a clear path between the two. The data service side of the site was crucial to capturing the attention of a specific user group, so we came up with a solution that would not alienate the various users of the site.

Evolving the framework

We took the opportunity of a refresh to refactor our site styles in order to maintain consistency across the app as well as ensuring a smaller more optimised code base. With CiteAb’s search engine being so processing-heavy, we needed to ensure that any additional style choices we made would not be detrimental to the performance for users. We condensed the colour and typography palette down and where possible used svg elements for our icons, resulting in quick page speed. The site was also built with mobile in mind, ensuring users can have a great experience on the go.

It was great to have the opportunity to continue our partnership with CiteAb and work alongside them in this evolution. Designing the modernised styles of the platform while understanding and planning for the specific needs of their dedicated user base presented a welcome and fun challenge

Storm Project Team

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