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Classic Programming Quotes: The Return

Our hugely popular Classic Programming Quotes post from a couple of years ago had another surge in traffic recently and it got us thinking – could we do something better to show them off?  The answer, of course, was yes!

A dedicated website

We’ve copied all the quotes from the original blog post, our favourites from the comments and a few new ones we’ve come across since into this new, dedicated resource for the best programming quotes ever.

Voting, Tweeting and an API

The new site lets you vote for your favourite quotes and share them on twitter.  Each quote has a permalink for simple referencing.

The site also has a very simple JSON API.  We had numerous requests for little WordPress and JavaScript widgets to display a random quote of the day.  Well, now that we have the API we can make that happen!  If you use the API to create anything cool, do let us know!