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We’re back in the office!

At the beginning of August we welcomed some of the team back into the office.

In the weeks leading up to reopening, Alice and Kirsten very kindly “Covid Proofed” Storm Towers. We now have temperature checks on arrival, sanitiser stations throughout and easily accessible disinfectant wipes and sprays placed in the communal areas. We are asking the team to wear masks when wandering around the office but they can take them off at their newly socially distanced desks.

Kirsten and Alice also did a little, ahem, a lot… of plant shopping and the office now feels more like a jungle paradise than a place of work. Not that anyone’s complaining. 

Each member of the team has also been treated to a box of goodies upon returning to the office. Our care packages included a note from Adam and David welcoming us back, some hand sanitiser, hand cream, facemasks, antibacterial desk wipes and our personal favourite choice of snack. 

Of course it’s strange reuniting with colleagues after months and not being able to give them a hug to say hello when it’s been so long, but we are pleased to be gradually bringing the team back together.

A photo taken through a door frame of a blond haired girl sitting on a black office chair. She is surrounded by plants and appears to be talking o someone who is off screen
Part of our new jungle office