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WeLoveBath reaches 10,000 followers!

A huge congratulations must go to our front-end designer and youngest team member Felix, who has just reached 10,000 followers with his community Twitter news sharing service @WeLoveBath.

Felix at the @welovebath 10k party

Felix opened up the @WeLoveBath Twitter account in April 2010, because it was a service he wanted to follow himself but had found didn’t exist. Two years later, 20-year-old Felix is one of Bath’s most influential news sharers, increasingly becoming relied on by the city’s residents and visitors for updates on everything from the weather to crowd-sourced local advice.

As Felix is such an unassuming guy, we decided we couldn’t let the big 10k go unmarked, so we arranged a surprise party for him which (somehow!) fell exactly on the right day – Wednesday 11 July.

Felix had no idea what we had planned and his face when he saw everyone waiting for him was a picture! For that, a huge amount of thanks goes to the local companies and individuals who supported the party both financially and in being there to congratulate Felix with us.

Felix said (in 140 characters): “Amazing surprise party. Discovered I have the BEST followers, friends and colleagues. Thank you all so much!”

Photo: Nicola Jones