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Time For Agencies Beta Launch

Come along to the X Media Lab conference day on Friday to see our very first SaaS product – Time for Agencies!

As an agency who charge by the hour, we battled the problem of tracking our time for months – we needed a solution that wouldn’t take ages for our team to input their data, but would give the rich reporting Dave needed to keep everything running smoothly.

After trying a number of existing products currently available on the market, we decided that none of them were particularly good, so we’ve rolled up our sleeves and built a far better one! 

Time For Agencies

Dave said: “We’ve been working on the first in our series of ‘ForAgencies’ projects, Time, for a couple of months now. As a manager, I need to know where my team are spending time, whether projects are profitable, what problems might be causing projects to become unprofitable in order to address any pressures on the company and correct them.

“We have been using Time for Agencies in-house for six weeks now. It is simple for the team to use, but gives me all the data I need to keep an eye on everything the company is doing.

“Tagging projects means I can instantly see if we’re spending too much time in meetings, or on the phone to a particular client, rather than getting the job done. I can then take whatever measures are needed to rectify the situation before we get to a point where the time has been used and the project isn’t complete.

“The feedback we’ve had from alpha testers is phenomenal – I am certain that this is going to be a fantastic product for all time-based organisations.”

We’re launching in private beta during the Bath Digital Festival XML expo this week, so do come along and give the app a go for yourself. Alternatively, enter your email address on the site and we’ll send you an invite as we grow the beta.