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Things Storm bookmarked this week 30/11/11

This week…

Adam: “An absolutely fantastic read on why working 100-hour weeks in the name of ‘start up glory’ is utter stupidity. Don’t waste your one and only youth! Also, amused that the ‘you can’t say fuck on the Internet’ gang are out in force attacking Amy, when the piece is so very well written!”

Liam: “My bookmark for the week is the british newspaper archive. It’s a really neat little web app that has taken thousands of hours of work scanning 200 year old newspapers and performing OCR to make them searchable on the web”

Andrew: “Today I learned you can mine gold from old motherboards. With the amount of unused tech knocking about the Storm office, I’m considering pitching the idea of jacking the website building in and investing in an office chemistry set..”

Dave: “So, Apple & Facebook have both done well by leveraging third-party devs – and it looks like Spotify will soon be following suit. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of applications come flying out of the Spotify API – I’m sure we’re in for some awesome mashups!”

Paul: “Groupon: ‘Nuff said, really.”

Mike: “Lots of interesting stuff this week but easily the best for me was this post by Russell Davies in which he says this: ‘…[in 2009]…it was already too late to be merely Thinking Digital and we had to try and get beyond that kind of trammelled and limiting mindset”. The point – in short – is that the collision of physical and digital should make for something interesting: ‘being digital should be more interesting than just being electronic’. As a man who thinks a lot about what mobile really means, builds internet-connected receipt printers and thinks about whether we should have a Bath Digital newspaper, this is music to my ears”