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Things Storm bookmarked this week 14/12/11

This week..

Scott: “An awesome video showing a cool proof of concept using 500 sensors with very small time delays to capture the path of small pulses of light travelling through objects”

Adam: “I recently discovered nCrunch – a very elegant way to automatically run .NET unit tests within Visual Studio and have a visual indication of test coverage. Simple. Effective. Brilliant. Also, I’ve been diving head-long into my first major Ruby on Rails project this week and have found the Rails Guides massively useful”

Dave: “Some amazing use of CSS3 to create lighting effects in the browser”

Andrew: “A nice practical article I’ve bookmarked on the the importance of UX sketching. I find a lot of value is added to fleshing out ideas on paper, it’s a far more transient process than jumping straight to Photoshop and recommend it to anybody that doesn’t sketch out ideas in the preliminary stages of a project”

Paul: “If you are a TextMate user you’ll know we’ve been waiting rather a long time for TextMate 2.0. Yesterday MacroMates (two years after announcing it was “almost ready”) released an alpha of TM 2.0, with a blog post over here. It’s still a way away from completion, but there are some nice features, like automatic downloading of highlighting grammars, and smoother installation/updating of bundles. And the project draw has bitten the dust. Despite being an alpha release it seems pretty stable. Good enough that I’m using for work and home.”

Mike: “Although I tend to get funny looks when I talk about non-digital stuff here at Storm HQ, I’m a massive fan of tangible stuff like old-school print. Things like this excite me – so I was totally delighted to read “Twitter by Post” from my friend Giles Turnbull. He’s ace. You should follow him and stuff.”