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The rip out

At Storm we’re really good at programming, and online business. We’re not so hot at DIY. That’s why we have a team of builders in our new office, making sure everything is done properly, and its not going to all fall down!

When we took over the building there was 15 years worth of legacy wiring running around every room – most of which didn’t connect to anything. Old wires had been painted over, the walls had ten players of woodchip wallpaper, and there were enough ethernet cables to run internet to the moon.

We (or rather our builders) have stripped everything out, right back to the brick work. The rooms feel ten times larger after layer upon layer of wallpaper was removed, and they’re brighter too.

Now the walls are ready to be plastered, painted and the whole building will be rewired. There was huge excitement in the office yesterday when a new server cabinet arrived – and who said we were geeks?!

We have lots of plans for the new space, and now that the old, fousty rooms have been transformed into a blank canvas it is much easier to envisage what we might be able to do. We’re really excited to get decorating, and we’re hoping to move in this autumn.

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