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Thanks for all the hacks!

Thanks to everyone who came along to our hack day today in city-centre bar Bonghy-Bo as part of Bath Digital Festival!

The day was a fantastic success, with over 60 people from across the country taking part. We had a team working on an arduino receipt printer to print out tweets from the event, a group working on a facial recognition project, people building a twitter dream zeitgeist and plenty of other individual projects going on.

Storm Hack Day

Local web security company Netcraft, who have tested some of the Internet’s best names including American Express, Visa and the Olympic Games, offered free security tests to local web app developers throughout the day.

Dave said: “The whole day was just fantastic – we’ve run quite a few hack days at Storm but nothing of this size before. Looking around a room and seeing 60 people hacking is quite something, and shows the level of activity taking place in Bath that is usually behind closed doors.

“We’re really grateful to Bonghy-Bo who let us take over the whole bar, install two temporary wifi connections, loads of extension leads and thirty giant beanbags! They also provided a fantastic lunch and if they’ll have us we’ll definitely be back next year!”