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Storm Team Weekend 2017

The annual Storm Retreat was a resounding success once again with a fun-filled weekend in Tenby, Pembrokeshire.

Every year Storm organises a long weekend away to help the team bond and improve how we work together (and let’s be honest, we have a pretty good time too). This year we visited the beautiful West Coast of Wales, staying in the spectacular Waterwynch House.

After arriving in our fleet of red Nissan Qashqais, and excitedly exploring our very large house, we adjourned to the Sky Room for a ‘Year in Review’ presentation from the bosses. Full of some impressive statistics and rather embarrassing photos of the newbies (thanks for that Dave!), it was safe to say that Storm Consultancy has had a successful year.

A few Storm statistics:

9,757.16 hours logged      38 projects worked on        48,271 Slack messages sent by Alice

25 team lunches                 3 people turned 30               87,407 lines of code for one project

Saturday consisted of our team building activity – Outdoor Laser Combat. With a group full of keen gamers, we were in with a reasonably good chance of beating the opposing team. The torrential rain, muddy woods, and in some cases questionable footwear didn’t stop us, and thanks to Dave and Mark embracing their inner Army Generals, we won hands down.

With such an incredible house and surroundings, a lot of our time was spent barbequing, roasting marshmallows on the fire pit, exploring the caves and playing a number of team beach games – some people even braved a dip in the chilly sea.

We also experienced the much talked about musical talents of the group. With a Baby Grand Piano and dedicated Music Room, we had many a performance from some of our talented guys.

On Sunday we took on the 45mph winds across the Pembrokeshire coastline to venture in to Tenby. The town was an Instagrammers dream with pretty pastel coloured houses, a picturesque harbour and hillside fortress (not to mention the beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise tones of the ocean).

To round off the weekend, we were treated to the ever popular ‘Bosses Cook Night’. Adam and Dave boasted their culinary skills and whipped us up a delicious 4 course meal, complete with complementary wines for each course.

The weekend really helped us bond as a team of colleagues and get to know each other even better. Who knew we had such a talented group of people, who not only are fantastic techies, but musicians, chefs and photographers?

Or in my case, a real talent for drinking wine.

Cheers to the next Storm Retreat!

Thanks to Tom for being the dedicated photographer. To see more of Tom’s work, visit his portfolio website