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Storm news roundup 07-10-11

Our favourite web(ish) stories from the week…


“Now that the furore around Mike Arrington, TechCrunch, CrunchFund and AOL has died down, the nails are quickly being nailed in the TC coffin. Arrington has, as expected, setup his new blog, Uncrunched (ouch!) where he intends to continue blogging about start-ups and life in Silicon Valley. Arrington 1, AOL nill.

Paul Carr has also left TechCrunch to start a publishing start-up, funded by CrunchFund. 2-0. But that’s all old news. The killer came this week as CrunchFund announced MG Siegler would be be joining its ranks, taking a much reduced role at TC. 3-0. Game, set and match Arrington.”


“The Italian branch of Wikipedia shut down for several days in protest at an utterly clueless and bat-shit mental new law that is currently being debated. The law requires website operators to change any content that an individual believes is detrimental to their image, without any kind of judge oversight or need for proof. Amendments to the law are in the works, but it’s still not clear if they will pass and what the end result will be.

Also: It would appear that the clue missing in Italy has turned up at Amazon, who acknowledged this week that their new tablet, the Fire, will be hacked and rooted, and they don’t plan on trying to stop it (although it’ll probably void your warranty)…

Finally: …the home of very large amounts of clue during World War II, the Bletchley Park code-breaking station, is to receive £4.6m from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, so long as they can raise an additional £1.7m from other sources. The money will be used to preserve the fabric of the site (especially the code breaker huts), and improve the visitor experience in general.”


“Less news, more a thought: Do Less and Do It Slowly


“Siri, write me a news post”