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Storm named in Bath Unlimited’s 21 businesses in 2021

Coming back into the office in 2021 we were greeted by the amazing news that Storm have been named in Bath Unlimited‘s 21 businesses in 2021.

What is Bath Unlimited?

For those of you who haven’t heard, Bath Unlimited was created to shine a light on the amazing businesses we have and the diverse sectors represented in the city.

What Makes a Company Unlimited?

  • Unlimited ambition: Future vision
  • Unlimited innovation: Success stories
  • Unlimited potential: Ideas and plans
  • Unlimited talent: People and training

Why Storm?

Bath Unlimited recognised our passion for helping and creating awesome tech products for our clients and partners. It’s always within our best interest to see our friends succeed. This is why we use our expertise from overseeing 500+ companies launch, pivot or accelerate. We’ve been part of some globally impactful projects including co-founding CiteAb. The technology we built saves the life science industry an estimated $1 billion a year. Our latest addition to the Storm portfolio is Co-forest, our first not-for-profit. Since it’s inception it has drawn a lot of traction from local businesses aspiring to offset their carbon footprint.

You can find our complete profile here.

“Bath is a hub for amazing businesses and we have been fortunate to work with a large number of awesome start ups and scale ups, helping them to bring their innovative ideas to life. Whilst each day is rewarding in our field of work, it’s an honour to have been named amongst some huge players in Bath Unlimited’s 21 companies”.

– David Kelly CEO

A big thank you to Bath Unlimited for featuring us in you 21 businesses for 2021! Check out the other named companies here.