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Standing room only

After welcoming two new interns to the team here at Storm, we are positively fit to burst. Nicola Jones has joined us to assist Andrew with his outstanding design work and Jessica Husband to pen a selection of blogs and press releases about our exciting projects and ventures. 

Nicola joined us after embarking on a new career path and her obvious passion and enthusiasm is exactly what we’re looking for here at Storm. Nicola confesses that she has an obsession with trainers and her brightly coloured collection never fails to brighten up the team’s day. Jessica is nearing the end of her Creative Writing course at Bath Spa University, so has joined our team to develop her copywriting and PR skills. Jessica states that her favourite food is cheesecake and would love one to be sitting on her desk each morning.  We wish them the best of luck and are excited to be working alongside them. 

For those wishing to apply for an intern position please contact: