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Introducing Legacy Club – The Online Members Club for Entrepreneurs.

Storm are delighted to announce our partnership with Legacy Club – The online members club for entrepreneurs!

Curating a collection of partners from various sectors, members have access to all the resources they need as a business. This means you can worry less about what you don’t know and spend your time on the things you do best.

When we were in discussion about partnering with Legacy Club, Dave said “I wish I had something like this when I started up”. But Legacy isn’t just for start ups, there’s a perfect membership type for every point of your business journey.

We spoke to the Founder, Chris Caffery to learn more about him and Legacy Club.

Tell us about yourself and why you founded Legacy Club

I want to help people, but I don’t necessarily mean in the “let me help you rip your kitchen out” kind of way. I have spent 20 years in the luxury travel and hospitality industry, where the aim was to make people happy when spending huge sums of money on their holidays.

For the last few years I headed up the membership department for a private members club for entrepreneurs. This is where my real passion for supporting others came to fruition. Launching, running and growing your own business is a lonely and time poor journey. After realising there was no real sounding board, or network with substantial members benefits for entrepreneurs, we launched Legacy Club. Our members can “raise a hand” and ask for support. We then put them in touch with our extensive list of specialists in varying sectors. Our partners cover areas from accountancy, finance, tech, PR, and some great lifestyle hacks too!

How have you found launching a business during a Global Pandemic?

Honestly, I haven’t noticed any negative impacts. This is probably due to us launching in January 20201 and we aren’t taking payment until then.

We have found that our partners have been keen to get involved in our concept of support others. The saying “Do good, do well” has never been more important, and it’s the philosophy Legacy Club is built on.

Who is Legacy Club for?

Founders, CEO’s, Directors, Disruptors, Business Leaders, Decision makers.
From Start-Up to Scale-Up. From High Growth to IPO.
We have support for all businesses in all stages of evolution.

Why is connecting as an entrepreneur so important?

Connections are the lifeblood of any entrepreneur. Forget what they do, sell or make. Without connections, they would struggle to access new markets, achieve the funding they need, or even address their own leadership capacity.

As an online Members Club, what facilities are in place for your members to connect?

Firstly, the events will be a great chance for members to connect informally. We have also partnered with a great piece of software called GUILD. This will give our community easy access to one another. You can find out who’s, who, why they are members, and what they are looking for. I guess it’s like Tinder for business, just without the swiping!

On a serious note, it will act as a great platform for our members. They can reach out to fellow members and partners for that all important support system. We will use the platform to discuss current affairs, industry topics, and subjects that are impactful to our network.

Tell us about the Travel Concierge offering and why this is an element you decided to include as part of the club?

Having spent 20 years in the travel industry, it’s something I still have a huge passion for. I know that we can impart not just extensive knowledge, but also huge value to our members.

We have our very own travel business, called Legacy Travel Club. Our members are able to benefit from great savings, exclusive deals, and upgrades that our ‘little black book’ of connections will offer.

If we can give value to a member by offering big discounts on our holidays, then it’s a win-win for everyone. We do offer the Travel Club services to non-members too, but members will get the most value.

When is Legacy Club officially launching?

January 2021

Is there anything else you’d like to highlight that people considering joining Legacy Club should know?

I often get asked why our membership costs are so low, and the reason is very simple. We want our members to get as much value out of what we are doing, and that starts with how much it costs them to be members. At the end of every member’s yearly cycle, we feel confident that they’ll renew without hesitation as they will see the value of the resources a Legacy membership provides.

Our members’ privileges are real, tangible and most importantly usable. You won’t see “car park” listed among our members’ privileges!

So that’s Legacy Club! We also have a ‘Friends of Storm’ discount offering a 10% discount on Seed/Angel Memberships and a 20% discount on Scale-Up/Legacy Memberships. If you are interested, please contact and she will make a personal introduction so you can claim your discount.