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Exciting new pledge means more trees!

Last week we announced that we’re planning to plant a forest near Bath, with help from others across the city’s digital, technology and creative sectors. 

Well today we’re thrilled to announce that a private donor who was excited by our new project has come forward and offered an extremely generous match fund of up to £100,000! 

This means that if we can raise £100,000 from organisations and companies within the city to support the project, our new donor will double this and ultimately we can buy a larger piece of land and plant far more trees. 

David Kelly, Storm Founder, says: “This is an extremely generous pledge and really opens up an opportunity for our community to make this the largest tree planting project in the region.

“We’re now asking companies and individuals from across the city to get involved – have a look at our plans for the project, at the organisations we’re working with to ensure it packs a sustainability punch, and at how you making a financial pledge to the project could make it even more ambitious.”

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