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Co-forest:Acorn site reveal and some recognition.

After months of planning and research, we are thrilled to announce that our not-for-profit spin out, Co-forest: Acorn have secured their first plot of land!

Acorn will be planted near Almondsbury, Bristol, and the site offers an opportunity to improve degraded ex-grazing land which is currently very poor in biodiversity. You can read an in depth overview of the site over on the Co-forest blog.

The aim is to plant 10,000 trees between late October and March which is the optimum tree planting season aiding in trees having the highest chance of surviving and thriving.

Why Co-forest?

Whilst researching the most sustainable ways to plant trees to offset our own carbon footprint, we discovered that lots of tree planting programs were actually taking money to preserve trees being cut down. Other tree planting opportunities were also not accounting for the success of a tree actually growing after being planted and a lot of tree planting facilities were overseas. From here, the idea for Co-forest was born.

Co-forest makes an impact locally to the Bath and Bristol area. It will create new habitats, contribute towards cleaner air, will support local schools to educate children on the importance of looking after our environment as well as offsetting your carbon footprint. By buying a plot of land you can more ethically make claims against the offset of your carbon footprint. Oh, and you can also plant your own trees if you fancy it!

Join Co-forest: Acorn

Whilst we are almost at capacity for the winter planting season, there are still opportunities to get involved and pledge forward a plot of land towards the first forest. Whether you’re a business or an individual, there’s plots of land available for all budgets. You can find more details here.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has pledged so far. We’re really excited to be planting an initial acre ourselves in Acorn this winter and we are really looking forward to planting days with fellow Co-foresters.

Co-forest has just been shortlisted as a finalist in the Bath Life Awards in the Environmental category. Thank you Bath Life for your recognition of our work!