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Chrome is now the #1 browser

We missed this at the time, but it looks like Chrome became the #1 browser back in May according to StatCounter data.

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This is fantastic news and shows that more and more people are seeking an alternative to Internet Explorer.  Making web developers around the world happier and happier!

The decline in Firefox users is also interesting.  There was a time when every techie I knew used Firefox, but I can’t say I know a single person who regularly uses it now. They took their eye off of the performance ball and got lost in feature soup – I’m sure there’s a lesson to all software developers there!  Another big worry for Mozilla should be that version 3.6 is by far the most prolific version – they’re now on version 14.  3.6 was the last version to not include an auto-updater, showing that they have an awful lot of users who were given Firefox (probably by a techie friend) to get them off of IE6 and who are now in the same position of being stuck with a horribly out-dated browser.

If you’re still using IE or are stuck on an out-of-date version of Firefox, we suggest you go and download Chrome or Firefox.