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Inspiring future generations in digital

Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting two students from Bath College, who visited Storm to ask some questions about the industry and what we do.

Helping students from Bath College

Oscar and Florence, who are both studying Digital Publishing at Bath College, joined the team on Monday afternoon to gain an insight into the some of the different roles within the company.

Chatting to Pete G, Tom and Holly, we discussed what Storm does, how we position ourselves within the industry, and the design, development and marketing of projects. Using the very fitting analogy of building a house, the three jobs roles were explained as:

Web design is like building a house

Tom is the Architect – he designs how a website should look and its functionalities.

Pete is the Bricklayer – he builds what Tom has designed.

Holly is the Estate Agent – she talks about the finished project and advertises Storm.

How did we get in to the industry?

It was also explained how each of us got in to the technology industry and how we found ourselves in these particular job roles.  Funnily enough, we all collectively said the same thing – we ended up in this profession by accident (but thankfully came to love it!).

With a variety of different educational backgrounds across the team at Storm, it was great opportunity to be able to talk about who we are and what we do; and (hopefully!) inspire those who could be the future of digital in Bath.

Thank you to Bath College for sending Florence and Oscar to see us, it was great to have them!