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Are you backing up your IIS 7 configuration?

We all now how important is to have backups of our websites and data, but less people remember to backup their web server configuration.  However, it’s equally as important!  If your hard drive dies, your config goes with it.  Bye bye performance optmisations.  Bye bye fix to obscure bug you resolved 2 years ago.  And bye bye to user and access permissions that have been added gradually since your server went live.

What are you going to be doing tomorrow if that lot disappears tonight?  Hopefully, the answer is restoring from a backup and not desperately trying to remember everything you’d changed and configured!

If you don’t have backups of this stuff, make it your New Years’s resolution to change that!  With IIS 7 it’s trivially easy to backup your application pools, websites and server settings.   All you need to do is add the following directory to your backup process and your done!


What are you waiting for?  Go do it now!