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All good geeks require good coffee

I am yet to meet a fellow developer who doesn’t share my love of good coffee, it seems to be a universal trait of techies. The tech folk in Bath love to talk about the best place to grab coffee (Jika Jika and Colonna & Smalls btw) and there is often much debate over the best way to brew your caffeine fix at home or in the office. Some prefer a traditional French press, others a stove top pot and a few splash out on complex machines. However, that debate is now over as far as I’m concerned, I’ve found the answer!

Introducing the AeroPress


I’ve been using an AeroPress in the office for a few months now and I’ve just grabbed one off of Amazon for home. In my opinion this gadget makes the best coffee outside of a fancy coffee shop. It’s rich, strong and smooth, with no coffee grounds making it through the filter. It takes 20 seconds to make a mug. And best of all, it’s practically self-cleaning! All for £25. I’ve spent more than that replacing the glass in my Bodum cafetiere!

Don’t believe me? Go look at the reviews on Amazon! The reviews on the box are pretty unanimous too and I’d agree with all of them:

“The best cup of coffee I have ever had”

“The quality of the coffee it yields has to be tasted to be believed”

“It’s faster than a French press, makes better tasting coffee, and is trivially easy to clean”

I’d never come across one of these before Paul brought his into the office and everybody I’ve told about it since has been equally unaware. Well, you are no longer unaware, the secret is out. Go buy one now to enjoy fantastic espressos and Americanos quickly and effortlessly at home. They are the coffee loving geeks dream!