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11 Reasons To Get An iPhone


Here are my top 11 reasons for buying an iPhone.

We’re big iPhone fans here at Storm – hopefully the list below will show you why!

#1 – iPod

One of my favourite iPhone features is the iPod functionality. Essentially your phone comes with an iPod touch, with all the features and performance you can expect from the Touch. The large majority of people who are put off from buying the iPhone cite higher cost as their reason, yet are happy to shell out for an iPod (or equivalent music player). With the new iPhone rumored to have a 32Gb hard drive, the potential to put all of your music and video on one device is a big iPhone plus.

#2 – Style

The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the nicest looking mobile phones on the market. Its vivid 3.5″ screen encased in a sleek chrome and black housing is not only good looking, but surprisingly durable. The iPhone screen – protected by toughened glass – is very hard to scratch!

#3 – Ease of Use / GUI

The iPhone user interface has led the way forward for touch screen devices. Its fast and responsive system makes browsing the device very intuitive. Even the touch keyboard becomes second nature within a couple of weeks of use.

#4 – Web, Wi-Fi and 3G

Prior to the iPhone, mobile Internet browsing was sluggish and very limited (WAP, GPRS and Edge). With the iPhone 3G you not only get fast browsing speed, but a well thought out browsing interface. Use of the iPhone’s multi-touch technology means that you can scale or zoom fully HTML pages.

#5 – Push Services

This is actually a feature which will come into maturity in the next software update for iPhone (3.0 – due in the next month or so). The iPhone will already ‘push’ any emails, diary dates and contacts to your mobile phone, but with the latest software release you will be able to receive further alerts, ‘pushed’ to your phone such as News alerts, Social Networking alerts etc.

#6 – Social Networking

The iPhones 3G Internet capability means that you can stay connected to your social networks (Twitter, Facebook etc) on the go. You are able to catch up with your friends and post photos and updates straight from the phone. Without devices such as the iPhone, services like Twitter would almost certainly not be as popular as they are today.

#7 – Games

Who doesn’t love a few fun games on their mobile to aid with procrastination? The iPhone is the first mobile phone to truly provide high quality games – some of which are more than capable of competing with hand held gaming consoles such as the Nintendo DS or PSP. And whats more, the games for iPhone are generally much cheaper and receive frequent updates for free.

#8 – GPS and Google Maps

The iPhone has the benefit of having a GPS receiver built in. Unlike many other phones which merely triangulate their position via telephone masts, the iPhone can actually pin your location on a Google Map, plan a route and feed you instructions as you walk or drive the route.  The GPS functionality also allows for a host of location aware applications – being able to find the nearest.. Train Station, Bus Route, Bar, Hospital etc, or finding out which of your friends are near you.

#9 – App Store

The app store has really set the iPhone apart from pretty much any other mobile device. You can grab any number of fantastic applications that extend the native functionality of the iPhone. There are plenty of free apps to get stuck into, along side the reasonably priced ‘paid’ apps. Even these are usually under £2! Some of my favourites include: Facebook, Tweetie & Skype for keeping in touch with the world; Shazam for finding the names of songs by holding your phone to a speaker, Pocket God (clue is in the name) and BounceOn (hours of fun!)

#10 – Software updates

Another feature that Apple brought forward with the iPhone is software updating. Apple are constantly improving your iPhone, for free! – bringing you new and improved features.  You also have the option of purchasing major upgrades for a nominal fee, normally under £10 – giving you access to a whole host of new toys to play with.

#11 – All in your palm

What I love the most about the iPhone is that you get all of the above, and much much more, in the palm of you hand. That’s a mobile phone, a games console, an iPod, a GPS navigation device and a portable computer running Skype, email and documents. Anyone who complains about the extra few ££ or $$ for that level of functionality really is missing out!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the iPhone below! What do you love the most? Or what do you hate! What would you like to see in the next iPhone?