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01782 673000 Phone Scam

I’ve just got off of the phone with the lovely people at …. I have no idea what company, they certainly weren’t Orange that’s for sure! Its a scam, pure and simple.

The premise is this: they are phoning to offer you an upgrade to your mobile phone contract and need you to confirm your bank details with them to make this possible. To add a degree of tenuous credibility to their story, they knew that I’d bought my phone at Phones4U – but they failed (refused) to provide any more information about me to prove their identity, claiming it was “against data protection laws”. A hypocritical answer at best considering I have no recollection of ever giving anybody permission to phone and offer me free upgrades.

A quick Google for 01782673000 shows no reputable company results and turns up a very interesting discussion at with many users reporting multiple cold calls.

If you ever get any call of this type, from this number or any other, refuse to give them anything. I suggest having some fun with them, waste their time, wind them up – I did, it’s a great fun. Then go and report them to Ofcom and register with the Telephone Preference Service.

Have you had a call from these idiots?  Leave us a comment and let us know.