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A fresh look for the University of Bath’s blogs

Recently our front-end team worked with the University of Bath to improve the look, layout and functionality of their blog pages.

Presenting large amounts of content for the University of Bath

As a large university with an extensive number of departments, courses and stakeholders, there’s often a lot of content to put out to the world. The UoB Digital Team contacted Storm to help them come up with a plan of how best to present the vast number of blogs written by users.

Using a WordPress content management system, the blog pages we built are now easy to use and professional in presentation – something that is so important for an establishment as impressive of the University of Bath.


Consistency with a touch of customisation

One of the main components of the brief was to allow customisation for users, but still remaining consistent with the University’s overall website. With each department having their own colours and branding, we installed a WordPress Customizer so that each user could use their own colour schemes in line with their brand, include user images as required, and department logos. A handy little tool for websites covering multiple points of view.


What the Digital Team had to say

Craig Thorpe, Delivery Manager for UoB’s Digital Team, explained: “The reason we wanted to update the theme and some of the functionality of the blogging platform, was that we wanted to bring it into line with the look and feel across our main web pages. This way, visitors and users would get a more consistent experience across our various web properties.

“Although it’s a little too early to discern anything particularly tangible from the metrics, the changes have been positively received by our users.

Why did the University of Bath choose to work with Storm?

Craig continued: “We have worked with Storm on number of projects including both our blog and the creation of a new course search for the university. Storm’s creativity, professionalism and flexibility in the face of complex and often changing requirements has made them great development partners.

We’re pleased to hear that the blogs are working well for the University and we look forward to working alongside the team on future projects.

Check out our work by visiting the University of Bath’s website.