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Truespeed: Truly better broadband for everyone

We have an exciting new project launch this month: Truespeed!

What is Truespeed?

Truespeed is a leading edge ultrafast, full fibre broadband business based in the South West. They are building a brand new network that removes frustration such as buffering, drops and slow speeds at peak times. They aim to give the South West a truly future-proofed broadband solution that is unparalleled in its capability.

Most providers rely on old copper cables to provide broadband even when they say you’re getting fibre. These cables are also shared with multiple homes, meaning slow speeds at peak times and reliability issues. Truespeed runs full-fibre cables all the way to your home – so no sharing, just guaranteed upload and download speeds with great reliability.

As our lives become more and more dependent on reliable, fast broadband, having a connection that’s capable of delivering ever faster speeds and can be easily updated is increasingly essential – particularly with the increase in remote working right now! 

By getting enough local people to unite and sign up for their service, they will be able to build a new fibre-to-the-premises broadband network from scratch. And with it comes reliable, secure, ultrafast performance.

They also provide free ultrafast broadband to local schools (as well as local community hubs) in the South West, giving future generations the online access they deserve and need.

Creating a consistent brand and experience online

We’ve helped Truespeed update their existing website to match their new bright and bold visual brand and user focused messaging. The website is centred around letting their audience know that their product is completely unique and something they won’t get with a regular internet provider.

Behind the scenes of the website, we helped them create a new streamlined user flow and experience to match their brand promise of simple and fast service. The website now allows the user to quickly find out if and when the Truespeed service is available to them in their local area, then submit an order easily. 

Truespeed have been great to work with and they truly offer a unique service to our local area. We’re really pleased we’ve been able to help them develop their brand and are excited to see them expand across the region.