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Meet Unseen – Our Charity of The Year 2023

Let us introduce you to our Charity of The Year! 

We’re working with the amazing anti-slavery charity, Unseen.

Based in Bristol, Unseen provide safehouses and support in the community for survivors of trafficking and modern slavery. They also run the UK Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline and work with individuals, communities, business, governments, other charities and statutory agencies to stamp out slavery for good.

Unseen currently have an app that serves two purposes. The first is to educate people about modern slavery and the second is to provide a way for people to report suspected cases of modern slavery/ seek help if they, themselves are victims.

We are currently rebuilding their app to keep it in line with modern standards and have organised a content management system (CMS) so they are able to edit the applications content. This will also help with keeping the app maintainable. The new CMS also allows Unseen’s app to be used in different languages – 18 to be precise. 

We’re building all of this in line with their new brand guidelines. We can’t wait for the final product to launch later this year and we are so proud to be working with a charity that is actively changing the lives of individuals and getting people to safety.