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Introducing our Charity of The Year 2022

Our Charity of The Year has proven to be not only a beneficial offering to our chosen charity but also incredibly rewarding. 

Once again in November 2021 we asked Charities to apply to be our Charity of The Year 2020. We received dozens of applications from amazing causes which of course makes it incredibly difficult to choose. However, there was one charity that put forward a project idea that we couldn’t resist taking on. On that note…

We are thrilled to announce that our Charity of The Year 2022 is Lucy’s Air Ambulance for Children. Lucy AAC is the only charity in the UK that flies children to hospital by aeroplane. They help bring children closer to home in final days, relocate them for specialist treatment and can fly them to receive organ transplants. They’re changing lives one flight at a time and we couldn’t be prouder to be working with them.

Charlie needed to fly 300 miles to get home after being born prematurely

Watch this space for more details about the project we will be completing for them and please make sure you stay up to date with their social channels so you can follow their amazing work as well. Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn