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Celebrating 10 years of innovation

As we continue to celebrate our 10th year of business, we’ve been looking back over some of our favourite and game-changing projects that we’ve worked on over the years.

We’ve been lucky enough to work on hundreds of client projects over the past decade, each with their own unique ideas and niches in their industries, so it’s always exciting to start something new.

We enjoy every project we work on but here are just a few of our ‘stand-outs’:

Mr B’s Reading Emporium

Mr B's New Website

With online shopping becoming ever-more popular, it’s easy to lose the magic and experience of shopping in a traditional yet eclectic bookstore like Mr B’s Reading Emporium. Mr B’s required a new website with an e-commerce store more geared towards high volumes of sales. It needed to make the purchasing process slick and easy, yet most importantly, still evoke the spirit and style of Mr B’s. Focussing on the user experience we worked together to build a unique book selling website to take on the likes of Amazon. It was even awarded Best Digital Design in the 2018 SPARKies Awards.

Have a look around Mr B’s website here.

“One of my favourite projects was Mr B’s because it was something completely new. We were learning new technology and it was something we’d not done before. They were such a great client to work with and the design was really cool. The project was a real opportunity to build something truly unique.” Liam Gladdy, Senior Developer


Based in New York, LogicPrep Education mentors students to understand who they are as scholars and people, so that they can find their futures – and change the world! Combining the power of data-driven technologies with their instructors’ dynamic personalities, LogicPrep’s innovative approach helps students maximize their study time and develop the academic skills that will help them succeed in college and beyond.

Storm has been working with LogicPrep for several years building an online platform to support their rapid growth and to help manage almost every aspect of their business. We’ve enabled them to open offices in a number of new locations, including Brazil!

Check out LogicPrep here.

“My favourite project has to be LogicPrep. I’ve worked on their tutoring platform for several years now, we know the team well, and it’s clear they value our input. We’ve covered so many different aspects of real problems that they needed solving and we’ve been given the time to do those properly whereas so often you are tied down by budgets and timeframes. They would really rather make sure a problem is solved properly and efficiently. And they’re a really nice bunch of people!” Barry Woolgar, Senior Developer


Storm has been Brevio’s dedicated technology partner for the past 18 months helping to design, build and develop their idea to transform the way charities apply for grant funding in the UK. Research found that £1.1 billion per year was being spent by charities writing multiple grant applications, yet 66% failed to gain funding. Brevio’s mission was to create one standardised application form to increase their chances of success.

It was very important to ensure the UX of the application tool was clear, straight forward and not time-consuming. The issue charities have faced in the past is that a typical grant application form can take around 19 hours to complete – and they generally apply for 22 grants a year! The platform we have created for Brevio eliminates this problem by providing a streamlined way to fill in the required details with a five-step profile build that can be updated at any time.

This is a truly game-changing platform that can really make a difference to charities across the UK and we’re excited to see Brevio succeed. 

Find out more about Brevio here.

“There are only a handful of projects that we have the privilege to work on which have the potential to entirely change an industry or sector, and this is one of them. Brevio is a fantastic concept, created by a local business, that will really make a difference to charities all over the UK. To say that I’m proud of my team for designing and building this platform is an understatement, and to know that we’re set to remain alongside Brevio as their technology partner as they go about changing UK grant making is exceptionally exciting.” David Kelly, CEO

CiteAb & iAM

As you may know, over the past few years we’ve increased the size of the Storm family by partnering with and investing in some of the digital businesses we have helped to build. 

CiteAb is a data provider for researchers and life-science companies, and the world’s largest antibody search engine. CiteAb’s aim was to provide the life science industry with a cost and time efficient method of acquiring vital antibody information for research. Thus, enabling life science companies to make better business decisions using correct and quality research data.

The success of CiteAb means they are currently saving the life science industry an estimated $1 billion a year! We know that a good chunk of the time and money that is being saved, especially by academic researchers, goes back into research relating to topics such as cancer and other life-changing illnesses.

Visit the CiteAb website.

iAM Compliant is a safety management system and premises compliance app designed for schools and businesses. iAM’s aim was to make premises compliance and health & safety less of a daunting challenge or an ongoing tedious chore, by creating a simple, streamlined process that could be quickly completed. The success of iAM has gained interest from external investors and are also branching out into the corporate e-learning content sector.

Find out more about iAM Compliant here.

“Both CiteAb and iAM Compliant have taken us on an incredible journey with them. I was involved in building prototype versions of both 6 or 7 years ago. We have invested in both companies and helped them develop their products into fantastic commercial success stories. Now I act as CTO for both, over seeing their transition from Storm to in house development teams.” Adam Pope, CTO

First Beauty

First Beauty is a UK-based cosmetics product trial company designed to create valuable market research and product feedback for some of the world’s most popular beauty brands, including The Body Shop, Clarins, Clinique, Nivea and many more.

Customers can sign up to become ‘panellists’ and are invited to participate in regular product trials for these companies. Panellists are then sent free beauty products to test out over a set period of time and are required to provide honest feedback for the company to utilise.

Storm created the full platform, from front-end website and branding to data collection and user experience. The key factors considered when building this complex digital idea, were to ensure it is extremely user friendly, can collect vast amounts of data, and provide an e-commerce facility as well.

Visit First Beauty now.

“First Beauty was an awesome project to work on and a great concept. I was really happy with the brand and the imagery we used; the finished product turned out amazingly. I also got to work directly with Adam, our CTO, which is something I don’t get to do too often. Thanks to him and Dylan, the website was built perfectly, and it was great to see my design come to life exactly how I imagined it.” Tom Shenton, Creative Director

“It’s difficult to choose a favourite but First Beauty will always stand out to me as it was my first project at Storm. It’s probably the most varied project I’ve ever worked on, it covered a wide range of technical skills and was a great learning experience. It’s now a successful website and I’m proud to have helped create it.” Dylan Clarke, Senior Developer


Rise is an ongoing app project that we have been building for a client for a couple of years. The platform has been designed as a mentoring and coaching app to help users develop the skills and/or confidence they need to achieve their goals.  Whether it’s running a marathon, getting a promotion or starting a business, Rise aims to help you succeed.

This is a complex and ever-changing digital platform and one we are excited to be a part of. Watch this space for more info!

“I’ve been working on Rise for quite a while now and it’s exciting to see how it’s grown and developed – how it’s changed over time but also the parts which have stayed the same since the start. Also, by working on a long-term project, you can really shape it and get to know the ins and outs of the system intimately and understand its users. It’s really exciting to be able to do that and have a project that you’re genuinely proud of and impressed with.” Mark Smith, Senior Developer

Team Bath

Team Bath is the name and brand which binds together all of the facilities, services and activities of the University of Bath’s Sports Department. The £35milion Sports Training Village provides the opportunity for staff, students and the general public to stay fit and healthy, whilst also providing a world-class training facility for professional athletes including World Champions, Olympians and Paralympians.

We created a new sleek, modern website that presents a lot of information about Team Bath’s many facilities and events in a digestible and attractive manner.

Check out the Team Bath website.

“Team Bath has been my baby for pretty much the past 5 years. I’ve enjoyed looking after it and bringing it up to where it is now – I’m really proud of what we’ve created.” Liam Gladdy, Senior Developer


Keymailer connects YouTubers and Twitch streamers to game publishers so that gamers can get access to game keys quickly and easily. Game publishers are eager to supply their games to content creators on YouTube and Twitch for showcasing, whereas gamers are equally keen to obtain free, early release copies for their channels. The idea was simple- create a single platform that would easily allow both parties to connect and mutually benefit from one another.

Find out more about Keymailer.

“Keymailer was a great project which really took advantage of an emerging opportunity in the gaming market. It has gone on to be hugely successful – recently helping to give away games to NHS staff.” David Kelly, CEO


LifeJacket was a great project with a great message. Skin cancer is one of the most treatable, preventable cancers, but often, men ignore abnormalities on their skin, leaving things too long. Nearly twice as many men die from skin cancer vs. women in Australasia, North America and much of Europe – most likely due to being less inclined to use sun protection.

As a cancer survivor, LifeJacket co-founder, Jono, wanted to create a skin protection product that would appeal to men around the world. To launch this new and inspiring brand to the world, Storm set about creating a clean, modern and energetic website to reflect LifeJacket’s brand and values.

What was clear to us was that this needed to be an exciting lifestyle website that not only educated users about their products and skin science, but also storytelling their mission.

Visit the LifeJacket website now.

“LifeJacket was a really inspiring project to work on. I was able to extend and enhance their branding to create a fun, modern and vibrant website. I wanted to make sure the site reflected their ‘lifestyle’ culture and make health and wellness cool. Plus, I got to experiment with some copywriting to match my designs which was fun!” Tom Shenton, Creative Director

Getting Married is the UK’s most popular free wedding website service offering a wide range of innovative features to help couples organise their big day using gorgeous, customisable wedding website templates.

Tens of thousands of happy couples have used to create free wedding websites and guest management tools, including RSVP, menu selections, messaging and fully integrated gift lists.

This is one of our current projects and we’re loving it so far. From creating a whole new brand concept to building an attractive public website and complex app, it’s certainly getting the creative juices flowing for every team member involved. 

We’ll let you know soon when the new site is launched, in the meantime visit their current website for more info.

“While we haven’t yet finished this project, is turning out to be one of my favourites so far. Having gotten married recently myself, it was a project I could truly relate to and fully understand what was required by their target audience. Being given full creative license to build them a new brand, front-end website and app, it’s an all-encompassing task that is a real collaborative effort across the team. Plus, the clients are absolutely lovely!” Alice Hill, Projects and Operations Manager

Storm Website

And finally, how could we not mention the revamp of our own website? To celebrate our 10-year anniversary we treated ourselves to a brand new website using our new branding and a bucket load of new imagery and content.

Our beautifully designed website creates a fresher, more modern look for Storm whilst still reflecting the personality of our company. Focussing on our close-knit team as well as the work we do for our impressive array of clients, we believe this is the perfect ‘shop-front’ for Storm!

“Rebuilding Storm’s website was a fun challenge and such a privilege to be given as my first project at Storm – I’d only just joined the team! It was also a great way for us to try out some newer CSS features (such as animations and filters), which we then took to a number of other client projects throughout the year, including QTAC and Brevio.” Hannah, Front End Developer