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Transparent house hunting for students: unirent website goes live

Last year we hosted three university students at Storm for our first ever ‘Two Week Tech Accelerator’.

Zach, Gus and Fraser joined us from the University of Bath and the University of Bristol to help them develop their new business idea, unirent.

unirent is a student housing website aiming to provide students with fair and honest reviews about off campus rentals. The guys came up with the idea after hearing horror stories from friends and fellow students about unsuitable properties in the West Country.

During their fortnight at Storm, they underwent a crash course in designing and creating a digital business website, as well as developing their brand and building a business plan.

And now they have finally launched their official website. They’ve built it entirely themselves and should be incredibly proud of what they’ve achieved.

They’re off to a great start with plenty of online reviews of houses in Bath and Bristol, but there’s still plenty of room for more!

They will also soon be working with landlords to ensure properties are properly inspected and verified so that they can be listed for rent on their website.

unirent co-founder, Gus said: “A lot of hard work has gone into the creation of unirent and we can’t wait to start testing our idea and bringing a bit of order to the student housing market!”.

Dave Kelly, Storm CEO, added: “It was great having Zach, Fraser and Gus with us for our first Accelerator programme last year. The team really enjoyed getting to know them and helping them to build their business. We’re very pleased to see they’ve launched their website and we wish them all the best and look forward to seeing how the unirent website develops in the future.”

Congratulations unirent! Dave is certainly looking forward to that promised pint once we’re all allowed out again 😉🍻