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iAM Compliant expands in to the Learning and Development sector

iAM Learning Content

We’re excited to celebrate one of our long-standing clients and Storm-incubated company, iAM Compliant, who has recently branched out in to a new sector of the industry.

What is iAM Compliant?

Over the years, Storm has helped develop a premises compliance and safety management app designed for schools and businesses; a product which has proven very successful and is actively bridging the gap in the market for an affordable online tool.

Part of iAM Compliant’s comprehensive offering is an extensive library of e-learning training courses that is readily available for users. The popularity of this feature, and the idea to develop this resource further, presented a new opportunity to team up with a pair of industry experts from the e-learning sector.

iAM branching out into the e-learning industry

Creating a new trading arm of the business, known as iAM Learning Content, iAM can now offer the corporate world the option of procuring a brand-new health and safety training library, as well as, bespoke online animated courses, explainer videos and onboarding content.

Joining the team as Senior Directors, Tom Moore and Tom Gagen (aka ‘The Toms’) have great plans for the future of the company using their vast experience in the Learning and Development industry.

Tom Moore, iAM’s Chief of Operations explains:

“iAM is all about creating content that challenges the norm….  iAM is hard at work building out its new content library which will be fully available from June 2019 onwards. In the meantime, the Learning Animation Studio that is building out this animated content is available for bespoke projects and tailored solutions.”

New office in the North West for iAM Compliant

To celebrate the launch of their new trading arm, iAM Compliant has now relocated to the North West, opening a brand-new office in Chester as well as building out a team of creative animators. 

We wish them the best of luck and look forward to continuing to support iAM during this exciting time!