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Brevio hits the headlines


One of our fantastic clients has achieved national media coverage recently to explain how their digital product will impact the third sector.

We are currently building a digital platform for Brevio, who are planning to revolutionise the way charities apply for grant funding. According to the recent article in The Telegraph, “Charities are spending £1.1bn a year applying for grants – but 63 per cent fail in their bids.”

According to researchers at the University of Bath and the team at Brevio, the reason for the majority of these failures is due to ‘inefficiencies’ and ‘wastage’ within the grant application system.

The Telegraph quotes University of Bath academic, Dimo Dimov, saying: “It’s full of inefficiencies, with charities applying for different funding from different places. It’s unfortunately just the way this sector works. There’s no individual entity which is responsible for this, it needs technology to help make it more efficient.”

Their research has found that the average grant application form can contain between 21 and 193 questions with approximately 1,622 words required per application. Charities tend to apply for around 22 grants per year, spending more than 18 hours completing each application.

So how will Brevio help?

Brevio is an independent organisation which aims to create one standardised application form with only eligible applications being submitted to funders. The funders will then decide what to fund and can alter criteria to manage supply and demand.

Brevio CEO, Philip Hodgson explained: “Brevio is extremely lucky to have the support of world-class academics at University of Bath.  Their research has quantified how bad the situation is. The results prove how much change is needed, and that Brevio’s solution of grant standardisation and digitisation is needed so much.”

Storm is very proud to be helping build this exciting new product for Brevio and we look forward to launching their platform in the near future. We’re really pleased that The Telegraph is already highlighting the important work they’re doing!

To read the full article, please visit The Telegraph website.