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A genuinely sustainable supply chain matchmaking platform


Greener is a brand new ‘free forever’, matchmaking platform that helps you build a genuinely sustainable supply chain for your food and drink businesses.

Greener tasked us with building them a platform that could create connections that matter, matching like minded businesses with shared values creating potential partnerships with exciting new sustainable suppliers.


  • Concept Refinement
  • Strategy Analysis 
  • Project Management
  • UX + Interface Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Adaptation
  • Wireframes + Prototypes
  • Style Guides + Website Design
  • Accessibility
  • Front + Back-end Development
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The partnership worked incredibly well for us, particularly because the team shared our passion for the product that we were building. The whole process was extremely collaborative and communicative and we are so proud of the product we created together

Dan Yates, Greener

A screenshot of the Greener styleguide used in development

A Fresh Startup

To kickstart the project we met with Greener to plan a new and improved brand identity that represented their vision and passion for connecting organisations in an open and collaborative way. The backbone of the brand is a vibrant green (naturally) partnered with bright pinks, deep blues and typography and a tone of voice that felt chatty but direct. We also created soft shaped illustrations to bring a ‘natural’ feel to the business. Once the brand was in place we created a comprehensive style guide of UI elements to bring the brand to life, allowing us to tweak, test and perfect brand and UX fundamentals early on.

A mockup of the Greener app on iPhones

Building valuable connections

Greener believes that the best recommendations are those where both parties share common values, for example, an innovative product company matches an early adopter of new technology, a safety conscious organisation wants tried and tested solutions, and an ethical business wants environmentally conscious suppliers. By understanding these values we can help connect businesses that are better suited to working with each other, delivering a higher quality experience. We developed a mathematical model for scoring the answers to a questionnaire, determining the organisation’s personality traits. Next up, we encoded the model into an algorithm that can compare personality traits and calculate the fit between any two organisations to find good matches.

A mockup of the Greener app on tablets

Partner profiling

With our new brand, style guide and algorithm ready to go we got to work on the core app designs. We started by creating a 4 step sign up process complete with company profile and intuitive survey to gather information on the users stance and requirements when it comes to sustainable, green partnerships. We designed company cards that were calculated and presented to the user as matches based on their survey data. Each card displays whether the match is a Seeker or Provider and lets the user know what they’re most excited to talk about when it comes to business, product or services. Each business card is also expandable to show full company details and is able to be favourited.

Working with Greener to build a platform that radically simplifies the process of matching like minded businesses, big or small, in the name of sustainability got the whole team excited. Putting genuine problem solving and technology first to really change up an industry will always be infinitely rewarding. We can’t wait to see what connections are made and the innovations that come from them.

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