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Industry-leading video processing and storage


Interesting stories beautifully told. Suited & Booted is an innovative video production business who cover corporate video to TV commercials and social media content.

S&B believe all video marketing should be impactful, including the production process. Welcome, arcd. We were approached to build a tool to process, organise, store and share video master files, deliverables, B-roll and library footage, so that they and their customers can easily find and re-use their videos. Between us, we have now transformed it from a valued internal tool into a standalone online business for small studios and larger agencies


  • Project Management
  • UX + Interface Design
  • Brand Adaptation
  • Wireframes
  • Front + Back-end Development

Thank you Storm for not only your work on this, but also for your guidance, amazing problem solving skills and patience throughout the project. We look forward to continuing working with you again.

— Chris Kemp, Suited & Booted, arcd

The back story

Storm originally created a Ruby on Rails application that combined industry-leading video processing and storage services with open source software. This app provided everything from processing uploads in popular professional master video formats, end to end online previews, timestamped and tagged clip tracking, shareable asset boards and much more.

As the app grew over the years, we adapted it so S&B were able to share it not only with their own team and customers, but other video creators, including Brighton’s ‘Be The Fox’. Soon the two agencies saw the potential of an online business and came back to us for further advancements to help them turn arcd into an online subscription business.

Assembling a subscription platform

The changes to an online subscription platform meant we needed to develop a new user interface, credit card payment, subscription management all while adapting the platform’s new brand beyond its marketing roots. We re-organised the back end software that generates arcd’s many pages. This meant that new paying customers can safely access all their pages for uploading and organising videos from two simple menus, and display another simple menu to their customers. Finally, we created a streamlined dashboard of uploaded projects so everyone, whether studio or end customer, no longer had to navigate through folders to find the latest creations.

Mastering the technical details

At launch, we built in two subscription models so that advanced users can access a more complex and powerful version of the product. This allows users to provide full multi-user accounts to their own business partners. arcd cleverly takes advantage of Stripe’s metered subscriptions and built in credit card checkout page, so that we could focus on getting the custom subscription features just right in our custom Ruby on Rails code. Stripe even provides a Ruby interface to its tiered pricing, so that prolific arcd uploaders get an automatic discount.

It’s great that arcd trusted us to use our coding skills to make cutting edge cloud video tools simple to use by real working production teams. It was interesting to weave things together so that teams can easily store and share multiple video projects, organise their own users and manage their own payments.

Storm Project Team

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