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Joint ventures.

We’re big believers in daring ourselves to do more. We don’t confine our aspirations to our studio space, so why limit ourselves to digital innovation when we can make big changes with initiatives that affect the world around us.


The Life Science Data Provider.

CiteAb is a project by the University of Bath. It is an R&D impact project undertaken not just by developers, but a team entrepreneurial minded technologists.

After the successful completion of the project, our team spotted a spark of opportunity and lobbied the University to join us in a Joint Venture. Together we successfully spun the project out into what has become the world-leading market data provider for life science sector, saving the sector over $1bn each year.

iAM Compliant.

Your school’s compliance made easy.

We’re strong supporters of businesses which aim to make a positive impact in the world. So when our client, iAM, asked us to help them grow their money-saving compliance portal (that we build a year earlier) to help thousands of UK schools, we invested in the company and have been partners ever since.

iAM has since taken multiple successful rounds of investment and has grown into the UK’s leading compliance and e-learning partner for school.

Bath Digital Festival

Bath Digital Festival.

The biggest and most inclusive tech festival in the South West.

In 2012 a group of like-minded creative and techie individuals, met at Storm and discussed what would become the first ever Bath Digital Festival.

Incubating the first three festivals, the team at Storm grew the idea into the largest digital festival in the South West, and still remain a guardian of the festival to this day as it sits with another organisation in which Storm played a founding role, TechSPARK.


Cultivating Change.

As part of our 10th Anniversary Celebrations we committed to offsetting our entire 10 year carbon legacy – before quickly becoming disillusioned with the offsetting projects available to us.

What followed was a journey of spinning out a not-for-profit company, being joined by dozens of our business friends in the Bristol and Bath area. Raising over a quarter of a million pounds, buying a large area of land and bringing together over 400 volunteers to plant 10,000 trees over the course of winter.


The new smarter way to organise you wedding.

In 2020 we became the tech partner for GettingMarried, the UK’s leading wedding website and planning platform. They manage tens of thousands of weddings every year, helping couples plan their perfect day. 

We finally decided to tie the knot ourselves in 2023 and completed an investment into GettingMarried, further strengthening our relationship. 

We’d love to hear from you.

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