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A ‘spring clean’ for the Storm Group websites

Life science data provider, CiteAb, and online premises compliance tool, iAM Compliant, have been given a fresh new look this Spring.

As you may know, over the past few years we’ve increased the size of the Storm family by partnering with some of the digital businesses we have helped to build. CiteAb and iAM Compliant being two of them. Whilst both established products, sometimes a bit of a freshen up is required.

CiteAb – a modern business for modern science

CiteAb, the world’s largest anti-body search engine and hugely successful data provider, decided it was time for an updated look to help highlight its key features, without compromising the functionality of the website.

Senior Designer, Tom, was tasked with CiteAb’s re-design: “Redesigning the site was actually a pretty straight forward project, and the brief and goals were clear. My own personal challenge was to keep the site ‘honest’ to CiteAb’s values and not let it evolve into something that looked and felt vastly different – the classic fashion over function dilemma. I often found the urge to make an aspect of the site super trendy, but always prioritised functionality and put myself in the users’ shoes, being diligent about not alienating them.

“What we have now achieved is a slick and mature new look that still feels ‘CiteAb’ while moving into a more modern space.”

iAM Compliant – improving user experience for schools

iAM Compliant is a cloud-based system designed to help schools (or any business) keep on top of their premises compliance and health and safety. Whilst it is still in its early stages of business, they found that the user experience of the app could be improved further after having more built in to the system over the past few months.

With three key areas of premises compliance to focus on, the task was to ensure that these could be easily navigated within the app, to improve the customer experience and potentially increase conversion rates. To do this, a new ‘Dashboard’ was created to provide the user with an overview of what was happening across their account.

Our Ruby on Rails team also built a new function that was eagerly anticipated and frequently requested by schools – online risk assessments. Eliminating the age-old struggle of huge piles of paperwork for schools, Technical Director, Adam, has built a simple box ticking method so that risk assessments can be written, signed, sent and recorded all within your iAM account. Pretty handy for when OFSTED or DfE come calling!

What’s in store for the Storm website?

And guess what? They’re not the only ones getting an updated look. Storm is currently undergoing a digital rebrand too!

Watch this space, we can’t wait for it be finished over the next few months.

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