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Getting Married – The smarter way to organise your wedding

Getting Married Logo

Storm are delighted to announce that we have been working on ‘Getting Married’!

No, no one in the team is getting married, that’s just the name of our most recent client project!

So what/ who is ‘Getting Married’?

Getting Married is your new go-to platform to organise your wedding and wedding website. From guest list management, invitations, table planning and much more. It’s everything you need to coordinate the perfect wedding, all in one place. You can even get stationery that matches your website! 

Tablet and Laptop Showing Getting Married Website

The Project

We worked closely with Getting Married to bring their company to life. This started with the branding and ensuring it would be something loved by both men and women. They wanted something traditionally British with a modern twist that also catered to multiple cultures. The colour scheme features shades of grey, green and pale pink to appeal to the masses. They tie in beautifully together and really set the tone of Getting Married.

The fonts were a pairing of two, inspired by classic printed stationery and modern clean web design.

Imagery plays an important role in the website and it originally focused on romantic little moments and small details that make the day special. The idea was to not focus on the couple too much, so the couple using Getting Married for their planning could imagine themselves in that photo. This changed in the end as GM worked with wedding photographers to really sell the magic of the big day. A lovely development which brings a joyous feel of love to the website.

The initial site is appealing to users but how the website functions is just as, if not, more important. We built the webapp ensuring that all elements of the product work seamlessly to create stress free wedding planning. Every last detail was considered. Guests of the wedding can also access the website and easily find hotels near the venue to stay in, purchase their wedding gifts and RSVP.

We had so much fun working with Getting Married, it’s been a truly rewarding project and it’s wonderful to have played a part in couples planning their big day!

Getting Married Website Displayed on different devices